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Another qualified biker!

From Gary Mason, after buying the ‘Getting Started’ ebook and passing his motorcycle test.


I bumped into you on the Visor-down forum a few weeks ago while looking for tips on some pre course practice to gain cofidence in slow speed manouvers.

Well, I am pleased to report that through a combination of your advice, a few hours home effort and some quality instruction form my course instructor I passed both my MOD 1 and MOD 2 test yesterday with a total of 4 minor faults between both tests (And I would argue the toss over all but one of them but hey, they signed the pass cert so who cares).

Your [Getting Started] e-book gave me a lot of information before starting out on the course that enabled me to start building in observarion skills in my day to day driving tasks (that in truth should probably have been doing anyway) and because of me pre-preparation I actually found the MOD 2 test a pleasurable experience.

By far the best moment was firing up my own bike and taking it for a short ride last night.

Thanks again for your online tips and the effort you have put into your writing.

Brilliant… very pleased that you found the tips and the ebook useful. A lot of the test fails are down to “fear of the unknown”, and the fact that however hard the instructor works, not every thing can covered in the training.

Excellent result too, four minors is a genuinely good ride.

You can purchase the Survival Skills ‘Getting Started’ ebook on how to pass the motorcycle test online at for just £12.99!

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