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OK, the news is out, so I can reveal why I was at the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Awards yesterday.

Photo 121112 005

It’s because the ‘Biker Down’ team collected one of the 12 awards and one of only two in the motorcycle category!

Here’s what the programme of events for the awards ceremony said:

“The pioneering first aid training course ‘Biker Down’ was launched in August 2011 by Kent Fire and Rescue Service after one of their fire bike team, Jim Sanderson, witnessed a serious road traffic collision involving a motorcyclist.

“Over 400 motorcyclists [nearer 650 now] have completed the free course which covers three topics; accident scene management, casualty care, and The Science of Being Seen.”

Photo 121112 009

The ‘Biker Down’ team and Fire Biker riders

I’m very pleased to have been invited by Jim to work with him in the planning stage when Jim was looking for a ‘proactive’ module to go along with the accident management and first aid sessions. I put together a couple of options which were delivered alongside the rest of the ‘Biker Down’ team on the original pilot presentations delivered in 2011.

Out of those trial runs came the presentation which is now delivered by Survival Skills Rider Training as the ‘Science of Being Seen’ module to all the attendees on ‘Biker Down’.

The ‘Science of Being Seen’ is the third module of three, lasts approximately 40 minutes of the total 3 hour course and looks into the very latest research into motorcycle conspicuity issues. It is designed to give riders a better understanding of ‘looked but did not see’ collisions and some ideas on how to use active collision avoidance techniques.

I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with Kent Fire and Rescue as we look forward to running the ‘Biker Down’ course again in 2013.

Here’s Jim’s post on the Kent Fire Bike page on Facebook last night.

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