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I know – I’ve come over all American, but everyone seems to expect a bargain on the Friday after Thanksgiving so who am I to buck the trend?

So here’s the deal.

‘Tarmac Tactics’ is the second book in a series of three written by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training which each look at different aspects of motorcycle riding technique.

Where ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ investigates the mental side of riding, and ‘Survival SKILLS’ looks at how to build highly practical road riding techniques by offering easy-to-follow exercises, ‘Tarmac Tactics’ directly addresses the situations and hazards we encounter as we ride.

If you’ve already read ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ you may be wondering – “why read another book?”

The answer is that whilst ‘Roadcraft’ offers a framework for advanced riding, it’s weak on practical examples. It’s not a criticism, but it is a major limitation. What happens when we arrive in a novel situation we haven’t encountered before? How will we recognise what’s happening? What do we do about it?

It’s also about our own experience. If we’ve learned to ride in a city centre, how will we know about the issues posed by a rural lane? Or if we’re experienced on country roads, will we anticipate all the problems we can come across in an urban environment?

The book solves practical problems with practical solutions, in both the everyday and the more unusual environments we may encounter. ‘Tarmac Tactics’ takes you from city centre to mountain top and shows you how to deal with the problems posed by the road layout, the weather and other road users… and plenty more besides.

Wherever you ride, whatever you ride and however you ride, Kevin’s insights from years of working as a courier and a full-time instructor are guaranteed to help you use Tarmac Tactics to cope with 21st century roads.


BUT HURRY – ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Save with our Black Friday deal AND ride with Tarmac Tactics!

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