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Coastbusters – quick report

I was intending to ride down to Plymouth originally but due to a cancellation of some training down in Devon, and a quick rearrangement of some work in Kent, I needed to be back home by 11, so even the Plan B to ride to Brighton had to be cut short, so I decided to accompany Euan as far as the Sussex border.

It was cold, dry and windy when Nik and I met up with Euan at 7:30 at Whitstable on the Thanet Way. About a mile up the road, it was cold, wet and windy!

I was invited to lead off (“you’ll know the roads”), which was slightly embarassing as I took a wrong turn on the way out of Margate, and as a result instead of finding the main road to Ramsgate, we investigated Broadstairs town centre!

Picked up a bit of time on empty dual carriageway down to Dover, then on a bit of M20 past Folkestone, turned off the m-way down towards Hythe, where Nik carried on home.

After a bit of bumpy cross country lanes, which would have been rather more fun on a dry day, round the back of the oh-so-slow coast road through Dymchurch, and I peeled off at Brenzett, pointing Euan in the general direction of Hastings and then Brighton.

Anyhow, updates along the way showed that the ride dried up a bit.

Malc and mates picked him up at Brighton – The Ride: CoastBusters! On the road report and that Euan made Penzance by 8pm.

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