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Course feedback from Robin

Firstly I really enjoyed the days course with you almost a month ago.

Being me, I was quite apprehensive for a few days before the course as to whether I would be up to it. I found your approach reassuring right from the start and feel that gave me confidence in you and the level that you would set the day at. During the day I found myself being given new challenges which I am still working on but those challenges are the main reason for taking the course ie to improve my riding, my observation and my awareness for what is going on around me.

I have found the idea of concentrating on a particular area of riding skills for a block of 10 mins very helpful and as I have done this it is definitly improving my general riding. My ability of riding through bends is improving and I am making every effort not to turn in to soon. The CD that was sent I am finding most useful and being able to go back and re read sections is perfect for me

Towards the end of the day I found myself feeling quite tired, I think this was partly due to riding up from the Isle of Wight the evening before – (my longest ride ever with a passenger), and the concentration I gave to the course.

I will most certainly pass on your details to other bike riders I know.

Finally my love of riding has now given Louise the desire to get on a bike again and is about to do her CBT!!

My very best wishes and thanks for the course. I hope one day to be able to take another course with you.


I’m very pleased you found the structure of the course, and the building block approach worked for you, and that the advice to carry on practicing in the same way is bearing fruit for you.

The tiredness thing is an issue, and the main reason that I don’t run long sessions. I also try to limit new input in the latter part of the afternon session so that we can just concentrate on what we’ve already covered and just try to improve it a bit.

I hope Louise enjoys her CBT… you might be interested in my ‘Getting Started’ CDROM – it is mostly aimed at passing the bike test, but the information about riding in general is very applicable to a new rider.

Hope to see you on another day’s training sometime!

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