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Dark Knight motorcycle suit a sell out

If you wanted the official Dark Knight replica motorcycle suit to set off your Batcycle, I’m afraid you are too late.

The limited edition armoured leather suit is a sell-out.

According to the blurb on the Universal Designs website;

“Every angle, bevel, edge…including the translucent black Kevlar armor details are all faithfully replicated in this first of it’s kind officially licensed motorcycle suit. While designed with the rider in mind, make no mistake…yes you can wear this as your every day leather jacket of choice. (or as a set)”“Not a motorbike rider? No problem, the internal CE approved body armor is easily removable making this a truly easy and cool looking ‘fashionable’ BATMAN™ leather jacket. Every element of this replica suit from the jacket, pants, boots and gloves is completely custom made and in no way incorporates anything pre-existing or off the shelf. No detail was left to chance, and nothing was simplified. Every detail down to the neck ribbings all feature beveled highlights further adding to it’s screen accurate status.”“Universal Designs has done the impossible with cow hide leather and created the first ever wearable form molded leather replica. If as children we dreamed…then that dream is now a reality.”

The rather more practical look Batman replica gloves are also fully accounted for, but you can still get a set of Batman replica leather boots, even though they do look a bit like a pair I have in my loft dating from the mid-70s!

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