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“Don’t forget your goat leggings!”


I’ve been saying for quite a while that conventional hi-vis vests and jackets are too high up to get lit up by dipped beams in traffic.

By contrast, the legs happen to be one of the most visible bits of the bike/rider from behind and the sides, yet few riders wear hi-vis clothing on their legs, so I took a look when Jim Newman over at Somerset Road Safety Partnership dropped me a line the other day with a link to these particularly spendid conspicuity aids.

I have to admit that on seeing these, I was reminded instantly of the classic “goat leggings” dance from the movie ‘Dragnet’ with Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you want to order your own pair of hi-vis goat leggings, you can get them from HVSC, for the bargain price of £11, probably plus VAT – I haven’t got that far. You’ll have to stitch on your own goat fur to get the full effect though.

Thanks, Jim.

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