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Ellie writes about her training course

Hi Kevin Well confidence builder it certainly was!

We are off to Brittany on Sat am till Monday pm – on the ferry! So I’m remembering all your tips about riding in France – the give way to right, the slippery road markings, the roundabouts, driving on the right… We are trying to get all our ropes ready for tying the bikes on Sea France ferries in case we get nasty oily ones from them – and a few rubber bands to hold the brake levers in – James has only been on the tunnel when going abroad but we could get the times and both bikes on the tunnel at the same time so have resorted to ferry! YUCK! As for the course, I was very impressed. The queries I had about the correct course for me were answered promptly with clarity, agreeing a date was simple, your confirmation information was clear and precise, I had no doubts about the course structure and the content or where I was to meet you. The information you sent out was perfect. The objectives clearly highlighted and the timetable for the day perfect. The map to the meeting point clear. I definitely felt I had improved and I actually enjoyed learning new skills and practising riding tips that you gave me. The one to one day meant I got a lot out of the course than I would have if there was a group of us.

The radio communication was A1 and easy to use. Your directions while on the road were clear. You are a calm and direct teacher who will critise fairly without hindering the pupil’s confidence. And you are good to point out what a rider does well. The roads you took me on were a great mixture of town and country, straight and bendy, heavy and quiet traffic so that I could test my riding in mostly all circumstances. The CD is brilliant and it will remind me of the skills you have taught me. The feedback from you was invaluable and I now have the motivation and confidence to keep improving using the techniques you suggested. Many thanks again for a great day and hopefully see you again next year!

Ellie Stenhouse

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