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European registration databases to link up

From July 1st, four European countries will exchange speeding tickets details.

The vehicle registration systems of France, Germany, Belgium and Spain, plus the principalities of Luxembourg and Monaco, will be interconnected giving police in each country access to the others’ computer database with vehicle registration details.

What this means is that speed and traffic light camera offences will be traceable across these countries – riders won’t only have to worry about getting caught by a speed trap and given an instant fine.

Whilst the UK isn’t yet signed up for the scheme, that doesn’t mean UK riders have a licence to ignore the limits. The bad news is that if you do get flashed by a speed camera in one of those countries, your registration number will be in the system, and should you be stopped for another driving offence your previous offence may well appear on their database, with the risk of fines or even seizure of the vehicle in extreme cases.

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