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Evening Training – special offer


Just in case you hadn’t realised, as the evenings are now nice and long, evening training in Kent (and occasionally Oxford when I’m up there) is back!

So if you’re thinking about training but wondering how to fit it in with busy weekends and the fact you’re working during the day, why not split a one day course over two evenings, or a two day course over four?

What are the advantages of evening training?

Well, for starters, the sessions are much shorter which means you’ve got more concentration. My days are only five hours because longer sessions are too exhausting for you, the trainee; I know that from over 15 years experience running full time course – 8 hour days and 200 miles in the saddle sounds great in theory but you’ll be completely kippered by lunchtime. Even the five hour sessions leave trainees tired. A two hour (approximately) session is just about right to run start to finish without a break, so it’s nice and concise with no sitting drinking tea in cafes (though we’ll have one at the beginning and end!).

Secondly, the roads are quieter. The workday traffic has all packed up and gone home, you don’t have to worry about school-run Mums and you can get on with focussing on your riding and not worrying about what others’ are doing around you quite so much.

And it’s a bit cooler, which usually makes for a comfortable ride.

Start times are flexible from 5pm to 7pm, so why not schedule a series of evening courses to suit you? As usual, check the website for availability.

And finally… just to celebrate the arrival of summer, I’m offering FIVE DAYS (ten evening sessions in total) of training at HALF PRICE in MAY. Check out the special offer page. I’m sure these sessions will book up quickly so DON’T DELAY and grab yours NOW!

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