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Feedback from John Barnshaw on the ‘Biker Down’ accident management sessions

As you probably know by now, I deliver the third module on Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s ‘Biker Down’ accident management and first aid session.

Here’s what John Barnshaw had to say after attending a session last month:

“Morning Jim; thanks again to all of you for your time and teaching at last night’s Biker Down/On the Scene in Ashford. Very informative in an easy-going and happy atmosphere and I’m sure the experience will help give me the confidence to let common sense overcome the panic urge if I ever have to take over a biking accident scene.

“Well done also for getting guru Kevin Williams along to stress the importance of individual planning in hi-vis/conspicuity as in all things biking. The whole experience gratis was most refreshing in this ever more materialistic society though I would have paid for this gratefully.

“Sincerely, John Barnshaw.”

As John says, these session with KFRS are free as we’re all volunteers on the night, and there’s a first aid kit given to all attendees too. The accident management session looks at how to avoid making an accident scene worse, whilst the first aid covers the kind of help that bikers may need to give other bikers, including use of a tourniquet, CPRE and how to remove a helmet safely – it’s highly practical with plenty of hands-on opportunity.

As it happens, John took one of my Survival Skills ‘e-learning’ courses a couple of years ago, so although I knew him from our several months of correspondance, I’d never met him. (Find out more about how you can take our training from the comfort of your own home!)

My own module looks beyond simple advice to wear hi-vis clothing and use day riding lights, and in particular why increasing use has failed to bring down accident rates in collisions at junctions, explains the limitations of conspicuity strategies, explains why drivers fail to spot motorcycles, then offers strategies to help deal with such incidents before they become a collision.

Contact Jim Sanderson at or via email on

We’re booking these courses well into the summer now, so hope to see you on one soon!

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