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For many riders, March is the beginning of the new riding season. Unfortunately, coming back rusty after the winter layoff is a problem and many of us get caught out by incidents we might otherwise have avoided. So to help prepare for the warmer months ahead, have a free “Motorcycle Accidents Top 10” download on me.

Don’t let the title put you off, it’s written to give all riders from newbie to experienced an insight into the mistakes that lead to crashes and thus give you a better chance of avoiding them. It’s the extra information like this that helps you use your existing riding skills to better advantage.

The ebook is 60 pages long, so there’s plenty to keep you interested. As it’s in PDF format, you should be able to read it on just about any device. The link’s at the bottom of the page.

Please take a moment to share the post with your biking buddies either here, on the WordPress blog and also on FB. Everyone likes a freebie and just maybe you’ll keep them out of trouble this year. Send your buddies the download link, or even mail them a copy of the PDF itself. You can even print it out if you want to. The more who share it with, the better for bikers!

And if you find this free ebook thought-provoking, you may want to investigate our other books and ebooks. You can find our author page here:

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As promised, here’s the link to “Motorcycle Accident Top 10 from Survival Skills”


Kevin Williams MSc is a BTEC-qualified post-test motorcycle instructor. With over three decades of professional motorcycling and twenty years full-time experience in rider training, Kevin is one of the most experienced trainers in the country and has worked with Buckinghamshire county council and Somerset Road Safety Partnership on motorcycle safety schemes. Currently, Kevin works with Kent Fire and Rescue Service delivering modules on the award-winning ‘Biker Down’ scheme and the ‘Ride Skills’ days at Brands Hatch. website: facebook: google+: wordpress: twitter: @survivalskills

Kevin is also the author of a number of books about better riding skills and was commissioned by the European motorcycle manufacturers association ACEM to work on the ‘Lucky 13’ series of cartoons. lulu author page:

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