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From Mal, editor, BMW Touring Club of NSW Australia

Some time ago you gave our President, Warren Buffett to use your Riding Skills articles in our monthly Newsletter. I am the Editor and have been very pleased to use them for my Newsletter. It has just been brought to my attention that your requirements are that we publish a disclaimer and send you a copy of Newsletters when one of your articles is present. I have used your articles four or five times now and have always used your disclaimer and given you credit but I have not been sending you a pdf of our Newsletter. Please forgive my oversight and find attached our May Newsletter which carries one of your great tutorials. I have several more up my sleeve and will send you copies in the future. I hope you enjoy our Newsletter and approve of the use of your articles.

Mal from Cessnock (Editor, BMW Touring Club of NSW Australia) Check out my “SMUGMUG” webSite… a collection of ride pics and more

It’s a good read – always good to find out how riders around the world are facing the challenges and experiences! Thanks, and I’ll pop it in the portfolio.

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