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From Nick Alp, September 09 after a Bends course

“Thank you again for your time and energy during our course yesterday and also for these very detailed and relevant feedback notes. I feel the experience has been extremely worthwhile and thought provoking, and I will work to practice and reflect on these lessons.

“I was impressed by the structure of the day and I think your teaching/coaching skills are excellent, using a range of visual, verbal and physical/practical techniques, which would engage students with a variety of learning styles.

“I think a lot of these approaches (particularly hazard awareness) are transferrable to car driving.

“I’m aware that I have spent most of my time riding and driving on automatic, far from the optimum. Improving these skills requires bringing these processes back into conscious awareness, which is mentally exhausting while the re-training and practicing takes place. But this is just what we have to do.

“I’ll recommend you to Jo, my wife, and to others, and I will aim to get back in touch in due course for more coaching.”

Nick and I had an excellent day out in gorgeous early Autumn weather in Oxfordshire on Saturday, lovely weather for doing the “Bends” course.

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