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From Robin – Kawasaki Z550GT

Fair right up about the GT550 I thought… and you didn’t go into all the design flaws!… frames that rot out on the lower cradle, and on the sub frame, rear mudguard rots out…. wiring turns to spag with age and breaks near the headstock…. Horror stories of switch gear going up in smoke. Then the air assisted shocks that leak. Poor design front air assisted forks that leak air out.

Daft thing about the rack is that i have the owner’s manual for both the 550 and 750 version and Kawasaki write loading must not exceed 22lb on the 750 and 11lb on the 550! So carrying a bag of shopping could put you over the limit…. 8lb of spuds, some cans, etc etc… lol I’m currently restoring a 1992 GT550 and at the final stages of putting the engige back together – I’m also doing preventative measures – sealing holes in the swinging arm etc..

Thanks – normally I get flamed for knocking someone’s pride and joy!!!

I don’t think most of those faults are exclusively down to the GT but it might have suffered a bit worse at the hands of time than some bikes. I think one problem is that much more use was made of plastic from the mid 80s on, but because it was essentially unchanged the GT seems more prone than most. The old Superdream was a favourite bike for rotting, bursting into flames (I still rememner the shocked look on my brother’s face as he turned the ignition on and flames came out the back of the instruments!! We turned the power off, put the flames out, taped up the short and he was off and riding again in 10 mins!!)

Still, 11lbs is slightly more use than the Rentec rack I have on my old GS500 – 2kg/4.4lb is the limit on that… Suffice to say it carried about 10 times that regularly on holiday!

Good luck with the restoration… it’s a pleasant bike to ride and my other brother still regrets selling his!!

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