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Hastings May Day run gets official backing

For well over twenty years, bikers in increasing numbers have made their way to Hastings sea front on May Day for a day out.

Hordes of bikers descending on the town has been something not always well received by either the local council or the police in the past with friction on both sides.

But Hastings borough council have clearly recognised that there’s money to be made out of what has till now been a very unofficial event, and have legitimised it with what’s described as “a major new trade exhibition and entertainment event right at the start of the biking season”.

HEM Events have been working for nearly three years with the local council, police, chamber of commerce, local traders associations and many others to be allowed to put on an official welcome for the May Day run.

There will be a motorcycle trade show and exhibition around Pelham Car park perimeter and in the pedestrianised town centre, a market area offering local produce, arts and crafts and jewellery, a small motorcycle club village with stands, as well as a giant TV screen in the town centre showing biking shows and movie trailers.

The event will include trade stands from local dealers, insurance agents and the organisers claim “lots of great deals to be had both in kit and on bikes right at the start of the season”.

“Our intention is to create a family friendly carnival type atmosphere in the town centre that is as much for the locals as the visitors. Some of the local pubs, coffee shops and restaurants will be putting on live music and serving from in front of their premises.”

I’m unlikely to be there myself, as I’m otherwise occupied that morning, but I will have some publicity material there.

The Bike1066 event will be open from 9am – 5pm on Monday May 2 2011.

More information here.

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