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I guess it had to happen sooner or later

Just a quick update this morning. I was setting up scheduling of my latest Elevenses show this morning at 9am as usual. The software alerted me that it would lose connection to my Facebook account in five days (it has to be reconnected every 180 days or something like that), so I did what I’ve done half-a-dozen times in the past since I started using Streamyard to livestream to FB and YouTube, and it failed to connect.

I thought “no matter, I’ll get today’s show sorted, then I’ll figure it out”. Unfortunately, when I tried to schedule the show, up popped a message to the effect that FB had detected ‘bad actor’ activity on my account, which was now suspended, and subject to appear would be deleted in 180 days.

I’ve lodged an appeal, which hopefully will restore the page to my control in 24 hours, but meantime, if you want to see Elevenses this morning, head to YouTube:

Sorry for any inconvenience, but as I keep saying, to avoid the issues with FB, head over to my Ko-Fi page at

You don’t have to pay a penny, euro or cent to view the latest posts - and as a ‘follower’ you can get email alerts direct to your inbox when a new post arrives.

Or you can head to to get a weekly digest sent to you - then you can pick and choose what to read or watch.

Anyway, fingers crossed that the Survival Skills account is unlocked tomorrow and we’re all back to normal.

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