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‘I often find myself quoting your advice’

From Steve:

“[Your books] put all these other so called better riding books to shame. I love your common sense style of riding logic and being a MAG member it’s the first page I turn to when I receive ‘The Road’.

“I am a CBT and DSA DAS qualified instructor and often find myself quoting your advice when doing courses, novice and improver/back to biking courses. Keep up the good work, like you say, not all advanced advice is good advice.”

Thanks for the nice words Steve, and glad you have found the various articles useful. Steve asked if the longer e-books ‘Survival Skills – course notes’ and ‘Tarmac Tactics’ are going to be published on paper. The answer to that is “watch this space…”

Meanwhile, to order the e-books for download, visit our publishing site at There’s pay-for and free ebooks to download!

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