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Ian Mutch writes about “The MAG Columns”

“As a rider of 40 years who is cautious about the safety benefits of very advanced training, I can unreservedly recommend Kevin’s advice. The reason is that this advice is mostly about identifying hazards and avoiding them, and having been a London courier myself, I recognise so much sanity and honesty in his text. If you know someone who is forever getting into trouble, or starting out on bikes, you couldn’t do them a better favour than buying them this book.”

Ian Mutch, Editor, ‘The Road’. Feb/Mar 2011.

Thanks for the nice words Ian!

‘The MAG Columns’ is a paperback containing the collected Survival Skills columns as publishing in ‘Streetbiker’ and ‘The Road’ from 2002 to 2010.

The book contains over 40 articles dealing with riding technique, mental skills, tips and tricks – solid practical advice on how to improve as a rider.

Now, for the first time these articles are available as a collection in paperback form, updated and expanded.

Order securely using Google Checkout from our Survival Skills Publishing website,

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