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In a sling – update!

Right, saw the doc and physiotherapist (as well as some research online).

What I’ve done is a biceps tendon tear at the elbow. Pretty rare injury apparently but the symptoms are classic; a “pop” in the elbow as the injury occurs, initial swelling in the front of the elbow, and weakness when bending the elbow. The bump in the upper arm and the gap I can feel nearer the elbow is caused by the biceps muscle and tendon recoiling and shortening.

Although repair is best effected by an operation within 24 hours, there’s a window of some weeks before the muscle and tendon stiffen up and make a repair difficult or impossible.

The bad news is that as I’m not a top class international sportsman the NHS is likely to say live with it, as there are other muscle groups that pick up the load and so 80% or so of the strength should come back in the next three months or so.

However, I’ve got a referral to the consultant, though that will no doubt be some weeks away, and will make a point of emphasising the need to lift heavy weights (ie motorcycles!) as part of the job. If it can be fixed, I’d rather it was than rely on a partial recovery.

Ho hum!

Still, in the meantime I can at least start taking bookings again!

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