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got a day or an evening free at short notice? Drop me a line!

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS – one advantage of having rider training as my day job rather than a hobby is that I offer courses seven days a week, not just weekends or on odd days-off. Working full time in training also means I’m rarely booked up every single day, and that suits a lot of trainees who are beginning to develop more flexible working practices themselves. With briefings and debriefings moved online, there’s plenty of flexibility on our start time within the day too – you can choose from a MORNING or AFTERNOON start, and even EVENINGS from late spring to early autumn. So it’s always worth dropping me a line if you find you have some unexpected free time. There’s a good chance I’ll have a slot free that suits you. And watch out for SPECIAL OFFERS to go with your late booking too!

Wherever, whenever and however we train, you get a carefully thought-out and fully client-centred training that’s personalised to suit YOU With Survival Skills, there’s no teaching straight from Roadcraft or any other standardised syllabus and there’s no standard test where you have to ride like everyone else just to pass. YOUR GOAL IS SIMPLY TO BE THE BEST RIDER YOU CAN BE! THE SURVIVAL SKILLS GOAL IS TO HELP YOU BE THAT RIDER! So what are you waiting for? BOOK A SURVIVAL SKILLS COURSE TODAY!

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