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London bus lane trial continues for bikers

Boris Johnson, the Major of London, and Transport for London have announced today that motorcyclists’ access to most ‘Red Route’ bus lanes will be extended for a further eighteen months.

The current trial began on 5 January 2008 and is set to finish early next month, but the extension to the trial has been made after an independent report found that motorcyclists’ journey times improved but increased the risk of collision with cars and vans.

As the trial encouraged a significant extra use of powered two wheelers in to and out of London, it was argued that the increase in accidents is simply in line with that extra motorcycle and scooter traffic, and not a consequence of giving riders access to the bus lanes.

The further trail will look at ways of increasing compliance with speed limits and improving safety for all road users, as well as increasing awareness of the right of motorcycles to use the bus lanes.

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