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MIND over MOTORCYCLE - the first of three paperbacks  written by Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training which each look at different aspects of motorcycle riding.

WHY READ ANOTHER BOOK - If you've already read 'Motorcycle Roadcraft' or the IAM's own handbook, you may be wondering why you need another. The answer's simple. Riding isn't just about putting the bike 'in the right place, at the right time, at the right speed' - it's also about just how we make those decisions and there's relatively little in the 'standard texts' about just how we can make those decisions reliably.


Every time we ride our bikes we balance instinctive reactions with learned techniques. 'MIND over MOTORCYCLE' offers remarkable insights into just how the various parts of our brains manage this complex interchange of roles.


DESCRIPTION - However smart we humans think we are, the basic structure of our brain is shared with the very first mammals that appeared 200 million years ago. And some parts are older still - and designed more for survival rather than reasoned thinking, let alone a remarkably complex task like riding a motorcycle.


This book demystifies the reptilian brain, limbic system and neo-cortex, shows how they juggle the job of riding back and forth, explains why things sometimes go wrong, and in a simple, step-by-step process suggests ways we can train our brain to make better decisions as we ride.


PAGES - 220

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS A PAPERBACK - order from my publisher:



This eBOOK edition costs JUST £13 - save more than 50%




NOTE - the book is in PDF format so you'll need a PDF reader.



REVIEW by Judith Bradfield


"A great book that I will use as a reference book for my teaching career. As an ADI and ex-examiner (DSA) I am always interested in books that can give me tips on improving my own safety, and the safety of my pupils.


"I teach car driving but use a motorcycle in the fair weather. It has some interesting facts on how our human brain works, how we acquire skills and why when we have an emergency situation, even though we may be trained traditionally for that emergency - why we do not handle this as well as we might.


"As a hypnotherapist I have to say the book is extremely well researched and factual, the author's information is accurate and helpful to anyone who is interested in the way we learn. This book is great and I will be buy two of them, one for my brother who is interested in safe motorbike riding and one for my brother in law who has just recovered from a motorbike accident."



REVIEW by Mark Samuels:


"As someone who has significant experience of "traditional" advanced training, I'm emailing to say how much I'm enjoying reading Mind Over Motorcycle.


"I've held RoSPA Gold on both car and bike for some years, not to mention achieved 86% in the IAM Special Assessment (the record for Sussex at the time, I suspect). However much my riding has improved, it's been clear to me that traditional advanced training doesn't hold 100% of the answers. (Hence my training with you in 2009.) I wholeheartedly agree with you that the traditional emphasis on making progress can be contrary to safety; I find your philosophy far more relevant for civilian riding.


"Mind Over Motorcycle is the best balanced critique I've read of the pros and cons of traditional training. Moreover, the psychology outlined in Mind Over Motorcycle is a key addition to the literature on rider safety. I hope to 'Win Ugly' from now on.


"The more I read Mind Over Motorcycle, the more important I believe this book is. It now joins my "seminal riding books" alongside Motorcycle Roadcraft and TOTW2.


"Well done!"



REVIEW by Geoff Goode:


"I have "Mind Over Motorcycle" and your other publications on the settee at home at present trying to decide which one to buy for a friend for Christmas. One thing that I do find, because of the way that they are written, you can keep on returning to them without getting bored, and expand my knowledge and understanding every time."




ALSO IN THIS SERIES - 'Tarmac Tactics' and 'Survival SKILLS'.


:: 'Tarmac Tactics' is a 'situational awareness course' in a book. The text takes the reader on a journey to the everyday places that we are most likely to ride, as well as to many of the more unusual riding environments we may encounter from contested big-city centres to the hairpin bends leading up to the tops of mountains and down again.


:: 'Survival SKILLS' is a unique 'riding course in a book', offerings an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach in personal development as a motorcyclist. Starting with the basics of advanced riding and steadily building skills step-by-step to the most technically difficult techniques, each section concludes with a series of straightforward and highly practical exercises to try out on the road.

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