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More feedback – a bit more recent!

From Gary Rouse November 08

(Gary arrived on his brand new Hornet 600, having only picked it up a couple of days earlier. Although he’d passed his test some time earlier he’d not ridden in the interim, so we decided on a Confidence Builder course. Given the time of year, we were doing quite well with the weather until a few minutes from the time I normally end over a coffee, when suddenly black clouds appeared out of nowhere and gale force winds whipped up, so I sent him straight home and did the debrief by email, to add to the feedback that’s usually sent on after the course.)

Thank you for the feedback / debrief.

It was certainly a strange ride home, I kept it below 60 and just followed others in the slow lane as there was plenty of surface water by the time I got to banbury. Coventry was suprisingly dry however, I think they call that sods law 🙂

I just want to say thank you for your support throughout the day. I felt you were very reassuring as I was quite nervous before we set off. Having the chat before we hit the road helped loads, it allowed time to develop a better understanding of each other.

Your instruction was clear which in turn meant I could have fun throughout the day rather than ponder on what things meant. Not many people are able to give me such rapid confidence in trying out new things, but I can honestly say you did.

When I got home I couldn’t stop phoning friends and family to tell them how it all went.

Now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice (watch out Tesco’s car park, here I come).

I will certainly be recommending your courses to others – I’ve already started to bug my brother into doing a France trip in the summer with us.

Well, the roads are starting to dry out now, so that can only mean one thing – ride time! (I gave it a nice clean yesterday so don’t want it to get dirty straight away).

Thanks again for all your help so far and hope to see you again soon.

From Mark Boyes November 08

Mark also did a Confidence Builder, having done some riding on the Isle of Man on a 125, then had some time out before taking a DAS course this year. Mark arrived on his brand new Triumph Tiger on which he intends to commute across South London and also enjoy some fun riding, possibly two up with his partner.

Mark caught the tail end of the overnight rain, so had first hand experience of the morning rush hour and spray on the A3. Not fun!

One of my observations about Mark’s riding was that the training school that had done his Direct Access course had done a good job – there were none of the usual signs of a rushed course that I do see occasionally. Gary’s riding was also to a good basic standard, so Direct Access does do a good job in most cases. Kevin – really enjoyed yesterday, many thanks for the advice and skills you imparted. Wish the weather could have been like today though. Kind Regards.

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