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Nice Words – some comments from trainees

Nothing like a good PC clean up to find documents that you started to write and then forgot about in the “land that time forgot”. Here’s a series of pithy comments from people who have taken the various Survival Skills courses. I think they date from between 2004 and 2007, but rather stupidly I forgot to attach the name of the guilty party – I can recognise a couple of them, even so, Jim and Ian, so here they are!

————- I must admit I didn’t give myself time to prepare properly, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect/what it entailed – [the course] wasn’t what i expected. I expected to experience one of those ‘blinding white light’ moments where everything suddenly falls into place & to ride away transformed into an uberbiker, but then the benefits of ‘training’ where the syllabus is so very broad (as opposed for example, to Ron Haslam type schooling – one environment, one track, one mission) is not going to leave such a profound imprint on your mind.

Instead I left the course with a very expanded ‘tool box’ (oh, I hate that phrase) & a very good understanding of how, why & when to prioritise each ‘tool’ – the part I struggled with most, was familiarising myself with them, so that I could make best use of them instinctively – that can only come with practise,ergo, time.

Having said that, I am convinced of the benefits of ‘intensive’ over ‘drip-feed/instalment’ type training in areas where personal safety are concerned (what’s the point of just knowing how to ‘block’ in Wing Chung, when some guy is trying to punch your lights out, & your first lesson on striking back isn’t scheduled till next Tuesday?).

I have within a very concentrated period of time absorbed a huge amount of information, some of which seemed at the time very conflicting (due to ‘information overload’), but in practice, coupled with a priority matrix proved to be extremely logical.

Looking back, the lazy sod in me would have enjoyed having another person along, just so that I could occasionally enjoy the luxury of sitting at the back, switching off & watching how another trainee interpreted the various lessons.

Both my days went incredibly quickly, but were very intense (surprising as one normally believes they have so little to learn, & most of what you learn is pretty bleedin’ obvious, except that it’s only obvious in retrospect after the methods been pointed out).

Anon! —————-

A few weeks after the course, I’ve only got three criticisms of ‘Spin’:

1. he needs a haircut

2. He really needs to get his arse into gear and devise a refresher course option – if he does, i’ll make my post dated booking now 3. He should have lunch stop cafes that have a healthy option menu – I’m not normally allowed chips

I’ve left other ‘advanced assessments’ with concerns & worries about their method/lore, but I found ‘Spin’s’ course, whilst not being the most exciting course out there (& his sometimes annoyingly pedantic attention to detail – “what if”

) was/is in my mind totally geared towards staying alive. What I do with that information is up to me, but I’m now thinking more, observing more, & “what if’ing” more (oh God! what have I become?).

Top guy, enthusiasm and patience of a Saint ( I have only admiration for his patience, how he maintains it dealing with idiots like us everyday

), & an excellent communicator

Jim June 2005 —————–

Spin’s corners course actually got me to realise why ‘slower’ is faster!! All you do by pushing beyond your own envelope is put yourself in harms way

Ian June 2005 —————–

Thanks Guys… it’s always good to get feedback… even if I do take years to put it up on the site!

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