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*** OFFERS *** Yes, it’s Black Friday

I know it’s another US import but hey, ho… everyone is offering special one-off prices and my publisher is no different. So until midnight tonight, you can take advantage off a whopping 25% discount on the entire range of Survival Skills paperbacks:

– the DIY guide to better riding ‘Survival SKILLS’

– ‘Tarmac Tactics’ an in-depth look at riding everywhere from town centre to mountain top

– ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’, the book that puts brain into biking

– ‘The ‘MAG Columns I and II’, easy-read articles from my column in ‘The Road’

and not forgetting:

– ‘The Science Of Being Seen’ – the book behind the presentation

Don’t miss out. Get yourself some winter riding and be a better biker next year. Or treat someone you know to a Christmas present with a biking theme.

As always head to to order.



Why Survival Skills?

…because it’s a jungle out there

Since 1997, Kevin Williams MSc and Survival Skills Rider Training have led the way in making high quality rider training courses and advanced motorcycling skills accessible to all riders. The goal of Survival Skills has always been to help motorcyclists at all levels – newly-qualified, intermediate, and advanced – to develop skills and ride with more confidence and enjoyment, not just by offering practical training courses but by offering books, online advice and even working on numerous rider safety projects – often for free!

“Ordinary training? No, extra-ordinary training” Barbara Alam
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