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ONLINE COACHING – The doctor is [IN]

It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago this month that I was winding down my training season, getting the bikes ‘winterized’, looking forward to a trip to visit my brother and his family in Los Angeles in February, and hoping that we’d have a warm, dry and early spring.

Well, we certainly got an exceptional spring in 2020, but nothing else about the year was what any of us were anticipating. When we shut down for COVID I had two courses booked – I got a puncture as I set out for the first, and cancelled the second as the situation got worse. It was June till I ran my first on-road course and by then everything had changed.

If there was any kind of plus to the coronavirus crisis, it’s the much more widespread acceptance of remote working and the use of video calling.

Most of us will have made video calls to friends and family during the tightest period of lockdown, many of us will have continued to work from home, and of course schools and universities all round the world had to hold online classroom sessions for children stuck at home.

But motorcyclists are funny creatures. On the one hand, we demand the latest on-bike technology. But when it comes to training, I think we’ve proven to be real stick-in-the-muds, with a real reluctance to embrace change.

So as we head into our northern hemisphere winter – or if you’re readying yourself for the southern hemisphere summer – here’s your challenge:


It’s very simple. Pose me YOUR PROBLEM… or choose one of my PRE-PREPARED TOPICS. Then schedule a time to meet… just online.

Although the theory content of these sessions is important, it’s not the most crucial element – that is the inclusion of straightforward PRACTICAL ON-ROAD EXERCISES.

It’s the exercises that build the essential link between what you KNOW and what you DO.

How many times have you heard someone say “I know what I should be doing, I just can’t seem to get it right”?

What’s missing is that essential step between knowing and doing, and that’s what these Survival Skills Online Coaching sessions are intended to complete.

These ONE-HOUR Online Coaching sessions will include easy-to-complete but highly-focused exercises, based on my two decades-plus of experience, not just in running practical courses for riders out on the roads, but also in WRITING self-help responses to questions I’ve received online, either directly via email or on the rider skills forum I moderated for many years.

By absorbing the theory ONLINE then by applying the exercises ON-ROAD, you get the best of both approaches.

What are the other benefits of Online Coaching?

  1. FLEXIBLE & SELF-PACED – one of the biggest problems with on-road training is the time commitment which has to fit both our diaries. With a Survival Skills ONLINE COACHING session, we have complete flexibility – book the session at a time to SUIT YOU, then head out on the road whenever you like. Learn and move through the material at your OWN PACE to ensure you’re really mastering it before moving on to the next section.

  2. REPEAT LEARNING – on-road courses are essentially one-off unless you come back for a refresher, but by RECORDING the online session, you can REVISIT it to refresh your understanding.

  3. SELF-MOTIVATION – by working independently and seeking out new ways of doing things, you’re likely to learn more effectively because you are SELF-MOTIVATED and better ENGAGED with the learning opportunity. The more you put your heart into it, the more you’ll succeed.

  4. STAY FRESH – on-road training is tiring – you have to ride to meet me, take the training, then get home again. I’ve compensated by keeping the on-road sessions shorter than usual. But by training online, you can head out on the road when you are RESTED and READY – stay fresh, and you’re in the best state to learn.

  5. QUALIFIED ONLINE TUTOR – I have a unique set of skills. Not only am I an EXPERIENCED BTEC-certificated practical riding coach, I am also an NVQ-QUALIFIED ONLINE TUTOR, a qualification I gained online incidentally. I not only understand the challenges facing you as a rider, I understand the pros and cons of an online coaching environment.

  6. LOWER COSTS – in short, you’re paying for less of my time and I have fewer expenses running each session – I don’t have travelling time to meet you, and I don’t have to cover bike running costs either. So the fact is that my Survival Skills ONLINE COACHING sessions are cheaper than a one-to-one course on the road – JUST £30 PER HOUR. That alone should be enough to convince you to consider one.

The best thing about a Survival Skills ONLINE COACHING session is that all you need to bring is a passion for riding and learning better biking skills. And you can take one, wherever you are in the world.

It couldn’t be simpler; you attend, you learn, you go away and put it into practice.


Click the MESSAGE button to contact me for more information about my Survival Skills ONLINE COACHING sessions.

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