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Perfect Gardens

Whilst having a rant… one of my other pet hates. For some reason – perhaps the “Englishman’s home and castle” idea – if you have a country cottage, it’s obligatory to surround it with an impentrable hedge, right up to and frequently beyond the boundaries of your land.

Naturally, the result is a blind driveway.

So, do the owners cut back or angle the hedge around the driveway? Nope, of course not! They press for lower limits so they can pull out of the very same kind of blind junction they would bitch about were it a public road without getting clobbered.

A chap near here has invested in half a dozen “SLOW BLIND EXIT” style signs which he has placed round the verge approaching his own blind drive. So it’s clearly my fault he can’t see out of his drive to emerge safely. I’d love to get the hedge trimmer out and cut his hedge back myself!

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