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Powerbronze mini indicators

One of my pet hates are those awful mini-indicators. Not only are they poorly made (I bought a set years ago and the electrical connectors corroded to pieces within a year) and use ludicrously expensive replacement mini 21w bulbs which last about 10 minutes, but they are invisible in bright sun which constitutes a danger to the user when you’re slowing for a turn with a vehicle behind.

However, there’s no excuse for sticking these tacky “styling” additions on your bike now.

On the Powerbronze stand at the Ally Pally Bike Show (see below), they were showing LED mini-indicators. And I have to say they were bright and wide enough angle to be seen from 45 degrees away from direct line of sight, something other LED indicators I’ve seen haven’t been that good for.

At the show, they were selling them for £25 a pair, which is a pretty damn good price, as it includes the plug-in resistor you’ll need to slow the flash rate down.

I would have included a URL for you to go check them out but the Powerbronze website is such a mess from the point of view of search and navigation, I couldn’t find them. If I get a reply to my email with a link, I’ll update this entry.

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