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Readers review of MIND over MOTORCYCLE

We’re always pleased to get reviews of our books and here’s the latest from Mark Samuals on our work ‘MIND over MOTORCYCLE’ – it’s short but to the point:

“Quite simply, this is a superb book. Kevin adds new and important thinking to advanced riding. Highly recommended for all motorcyclists, new and experienced alike.”

We’ve also had a great response from Judith Bradfield, who sent us this review of the book:

“A great book that I will use as a reference book for my teaching career. As an ADI and ex-examiner (DSA) I am always interested in books that can give me tips on improving my own safety, and the safety of my pupils.

“I teach car driving but use a motorcycle in the fair weather. It has some interesting facts on how our human brain works, how we acquire skills and why when we have an emergency situation, even though we may be trained traditionally for that emergency – why we do not handle this as well as we might.

“As a hypnotherapist I have to say the book is extremely well researched and factual, the author’s information is accurate and helpful to anyone who is interested in the way we learn. This book is great and I will be buy two of them, one for my brother who is interested in safe motorbike riding and one for my brother in law who has just recovered from a motorbike accident.”

Thanks to Mark and Judith, and we’d love to see more reviews over on our author page by people who’ve bought our books. Pop over to:

Right now until 17 January, my publishers are sending them out post-free which is a nice saving. Use the code SHIPSHAPE14 at the checkout:

Get your order in now, and be better prepared for the new riding season!

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