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Should I do Bikesafe or pay for expensive training ii

I’ve had a couple of comments on the original post which were food for thought, and I think it’s actually worth posting my reply as a new post, rather than it only appearing in the comments on the bottom:

“Thanks for the comments.

The problem in a way is that you two correspondants are the ‘already converted’. Where Bikesafe struggles to get the message over is to the people who wouldn’t normally take advanced training!

There’s something about Bikesafe that attracts them; maybe the it’s the thrill of being able to ride in front of a copper without worrying about the blue lights coming on, maybe it’s the glow of pride of being told you’re riding well by a police expert rider.

Whatever it is, the problem is that those hard-to-reach riders remain unconvinced of the desirability of tuning the best performance part on their bike – themselves!”

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