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Some comments on the Survival Skills two day course

From Suzuki-boy

“Met Kevin for my advanced riding course and what a thoroughly good egg he is. Apart from being knowledgable he has all the hallmarks of an excellent teacher, non-judgemental, patient and perceptive.

“The two day course ran for 10 hours over Saturday and Sunday. During that time we covered a fair bit of ground. For me it was a case of being made aware of bad habits picked up from years of riding in London and 17 years of riding in general.

“All the classics were there, particularly where London riding is concerned. Riding on the bumper of the car in front, not enough use of the mirror, although life-savers weren’t too bad, not enough indication, over confident filtering (especially on double white lines, oops), hugging the white line etc, etc.

“But after talking things through and practising how to avoid and remedy my bad habits things started to progress nicely. By the end of the second day I’d learnt how to counter-balance on slow speed corners, invaluable for riding in London on a lardy bike.

“I also really got into and enjoyed the ‘Point and Squirt’ cornering technique that Kevin showed me, very similar to the method used and developed by Keith Code. In fact by the end of the second day while leading, 9 times out of 10 I was picking the same lines as Kevin following. Which considering his experience can’t be a bad thing.

“Overtaking still needed some practise though, which I enjoyed getting to grips with blatting up the M20 to make a quick trip home.

“All in all a thoroughly informative and fun weekend, I learnt plenty of new stuff and broke a few bad habits from London riding, leaving the course feeling safer, smoother and quicker through corners. Although obviously it doesn’t end there as it’s all about practise.”

The Survival Skills two day course is £360, one day courses are £185. Book yours now via the website, or email us direct at

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