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Some more comments on recent courses…

Here’s a few recent comments on courses up in the Peaks and here in Kent:

Bonners: ” Very knackering day, but very useful and informative….”

DDB: “Good course though – I feel vastly more confident about choosing the right line through bends and not getting caught out half-way round…”

Daesimps: “The course was very good and has improved my confidence no end. I’m also far more aware of road positioning when taking junctions/bends.”

BigJim: ” For anyone thinking of taking one of Kevin’s courses “Just do it” What Kevin showed us and went through really was what I needed after a year of riding after doing DAS. I’m a lot more confident and im now looking at my lines and planning my corners rather than going in quick, hard on the brakes, fling it round the corner then back on it.”

King756: “Another thumbs up from me, thanks Kevin. Really enjoyed it. I now know where I should be when on the road in town / corners. Just need it little more time practicing making sure my lines are right and being a bit more positive on the throttle/brakes.”

Melons: “Was also intending to bore you with multiple paragraghs giving a blow by blow account of my five & a half hours riding the twisties of Kent, but quite frankly what’s the point?

“Instead, I’ll just comment on how impressed I was with ‘Kevin’, he’s a very likeable bloke, very calm/measured, patient and really puts you at ease, so at ease that I can’t really remember riding any corners that afternoon – after an initial chat, coupled with ‘in ear’ commentary the Country twisties that normally make me feel so ill at ease seemed to straighten out, loose their menace and become extremelly comfortable, natural to navigate.

“Whilst the cost is higher than the initial ticket to an IAM ‘tour’ (yet cheaper than a plumber) the advantages of an intense & immediate riding fix imo far outweigh any argument for ‘drip drip’ training formulae, and I’m still rather surprised at just how enjoyable & confidence inspiring the day was.

“A thoroughly recommended, educational & enjoyable day out”.

So there you are.

There might still be a few days left in November when the weather looks reasonable, and I’m open for training again in March, so you’ve no excuse not to save up for next year!

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