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Some more comments on Survival Skills from the Archives

“Have done Bikesafe (it is NOT training) and a 1:1 one day with a Rapid trainer and a 2:1 Survival Skills 2 day with Kevin. Not going to do comparisons but… I can recommend Survival Skills type training. B**g*r the ‘making progress’ – start with the ‘staying alive’ and take it from there.”

(After a 2:1 ‘Tour’ event up in the Lakes) Count Steer from (December 2003)

“Having completed my second full day with Rapid – 2:1 on the road ‘advanced’ riding recently…they’re actually more ‘system’ than Spin. Which is to be expected given the background of all the Rapid trainers.

“The IAM is ‘system’ too.

“Different strokes for different folks – some types of training suits some types of people. I enjoyed both for some similar and some different reasons.”

Count Steer again (October 2005) on

“I’ve done IAM, Bikesafe and Advanced training with Kevin (excellent).

“Please, take it from me… advanced road training is the way forward.

“Both the IAM and Bikesafe are “shallow”, not to be dismissed, but nowhere near enough.”

Green Lantern on (July 2004)

“One of the first things I commented on when we got back home from Yorkshire, having [trained] with you, was that the most dangerous guys on the road were the riders apexing all the bends and taking the right handers virtually on our side of the road.

“It all made your countersteer avoidance training particularly pertinant when trying ourselves to go around a left hander (the same left hander as was thier right hander!), using the safer technique of staying out to the right to be able to see more and be seen quicker by the opposing traffic!”

Bikerlass (July 2004),

“I did a Bikesafe course and I went though the IAM process. Both were very helpful but, as it was two years ago, I had become complacent and, in some areas, I had become overconfident.

“I have just completed two days advanced training with Spin. His experienced and systematic approach raised my safety standards back up again AND helped me improve my riding style – especially the overtaking and cornering (see my Sig below) exercises.

“I would recommend that you seriously consider real-life, on-road training conducted by a full-time professional. It’s thorough, it will help you improve your riding/traffic skills AND it will emphasise safety at the same time.

“BTW It’s fun and exciting too!”

Bikerider from also in July 2004

[Many people tend to think that advanced skills are only for the sports bike riders. Bikerider was on a Harley, which was being ridden distinctly enthusiastically!!!!]

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