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Some recent trainee comments…

John Simeons:

“Kevin’s teaching method is quite a lot to do with asking questions, you supply your own answers, so you actually believe them. I never got into the useless territory that often happens when people try to ‘teach’ me stuff, where they tell me their view and I hold a different one, and then we argue. That is not to say Kevin agrees with me on everything, but his method does really cope with awkward sods like me pretty well.”


“Kevin is really worth giving a go….really clear and easy to chat with, his bends and cornering stuff and countersteering tuition / advice have meant that I have gone from wanting to ride a bike well to actually enjoying riding my bike well.”

Mark D:

“I really enjoyed the session with Kevin today. Learnt a lot of useful tips … but still lots more “putting it into practice” required for me too. That’ll start with the run out tomorrow!”

Nick J:

Kevin, a big ‘thank you’ for today. Pleased to see I CAN go round corners after you explained where I was going wrong. Was well impressed how you have managed to turn my riding from “Yikes” to “Thumbsup” in one session. I was so happy afterwards I went on a damn good ride and other than one corner under a bridge where I did what I used to, I had a great ride about and find corners much more simple. Thanks again. Oh, and if anybody is thinking their cornering is not good then go out with Kevin, and afterwards you will be as happy as me.

Tanya D:

Thanks again Kevin, wouldve enjoyed more time with you but hey ho, Ill have to do the best with what I have learnt. My bends are coming along nicely 🙂 no near misses this weekend and lots of riding.

Those comments aren’t advertising-speak, those are the genuine reactions of trainees who’ve written about their training with Survival Skills. So if you’re wondering if you should get on a course, stop wondering and book one up!

Survival Skills can cater for newly qualified riders to highly experienced, and cover anything from urban riding and accident avoidance techniques, to better cornering, anywhere from London’s traffic-clogged streets to beautiful rural roads with unexpected hairpin bends!

A big “Thank you” to all our trainees who provide us with such positive feedback! Good to know we’re doing well and hitting the right spot with our courses!

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