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Speed camera snaps parked car

According to stories in the press over the weekend, a man from Nottingham has been issued with a letter of intended prosecution for speeding offences relating to his parked car. Not once, but twice!

It seems his car is regularly parked at the side of the road, just at the point where other cars are snapped by the camera.

The latest incident occured on 13 December 2009 when Nottinghamshire Police claimed he was snapped while driving his Vauxhall Zafira at 37mph in a 30mph zone.

The worrying thing is that when Mr Buck demanded to see the photographs, police dropped the case, and apologised for the mix-up. In a statement they said:

“The software used to read number plates has captured his car’s number plate in the image.“On both occasions the offending vehicle number plates were similar to those of Mr Buck’s vehicle registration number.“We will examine the processes and see if improvements can be made to minimise the chance of this happening again in the future.”

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the guidelines, but I thought that where two vehicles were snapped in the same photo from a speed camera, it was automatically rejected, precisely because of the risk of the innocent driver copping the fine. Clearly that’s not happening here!

Equally worrying is the clear admission that the software recognition technology can’t read the plate properly! How many other tickets are issued for vehicles with “similar” number plates?

Not very reassuring is it?

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