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Speed testing doesn’t come cheap

Seems the DSA aren’t the only people looking to make more money out the new off-road exercises for the riding test.

I’ve just received a mail inviting me to lease the ‘Speedoscope’ speed testing kit, as used by the DSA to ensure minimum speed has been reached, “for those motorcycle schools and tutors wishing to replicate exactly the test conditions”.

Well, I’m sure they don’t provide a clipboard too but we’ll let that go.

What astonishes me is that this piece of precision engineering (german, apparently) will set a training school back up to £39.09 a week if they want to lease it for three years. There’s also a fairly huge annual maintenance charge of £250 for calibrating the device.

And there’s no doubt VAT on top of that, making for a wapping £2000 a year, or more than the trade price of a new CG125 or a low mileage 500!

I think purchasing and fitting a GPS unit to the bikes one at  time to calibrate the speedos with a stick-on arrow is a rather cheaper option!

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