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Survival Skills, Motorcycle Riding, Accidents and Safety

What’s so good about rider training and our Survival Skills books? If we ride a bike, we’ll know about the risk of accidents and we’ll want to know how to deal with motorcycle safety issues. Organisations like the IAM, BMF, MAG and RoSPA all encourage riders to get further motorcycle riding skills training after passing the DSA motorcycle test.

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Injuries can only be reduced by using personal protective equipment. The risk of accidents can be minimised by becoming a competent biker and taking rider training and personal responsibility for avoiding bike crashes is not only good for our health, Survival Skills are good for our insurance quotes too.

But understanding how to get the best from any post-test training from a motorcycle training school is important. From the enhanced rider scheme to passing your advanced test, or just taking advanced motorcycle training courses, our books will give you valuable insights into how all riders can improve their motorcycle riding skills.

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Run by BTEC-certificated advanced instructor Kevin Williams, Survival Skills offers post-test training for all riders. Survival Skills has delivered advanced rider training since 1997 and with our long experience both as a motorcycle courier and as a riding instructor, we’re perfectly placed to write about riding in our easy-to-read books, packed full of motorcycle riding tips.

Survival Skills Rider Training focuses offers motorcyclists of all standards advanced riding training.

Advanced riding is the use of riding techniques that use the advantages of a motorcycle to offset our vulnerability.

Run by BTEC-certificated advanced instructor and longtime motorcycle courier Kevin Williams, Survival Skills offers competitively priced post-test training for all riders. Survival Skills was one of the first motorcycle training schools to use the approach of structured training to teach core basic handling skills including braking, cornering and throttle use, mental skills such as observation and anticipation, as well as riding strategies based on risk management techniques, all geared to more effective rider performance.

We will show you how motorcycle training will enhance your enjoyment on two wheels. Our advanced rider training is the perfect follow up to Bikesafe or the Enhanced Rider Scheme and will show you that police motorcycle riding techniques are not out of reach of the ordinary rider.

Survival Skills has delivered advanced rider training since 1997 and was one of the very first schools to offer structured, flexible motorcycle training courses with an instructor qualified at compulsory basic training, direct access and advanced level.Kevin’s experience encompasses 16 years as a motorcycle courier and over a decade and a half as a full-time instructor, and our courses are tailored to the differing needs of experienced, newly qualified and returning riders.

The more we know, the better it gets.

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