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Survival Skills – ON-ROAD & ONLINE COACHING!

Traditional on-road training… …or online coaching THE CHOICE IS YOURS! (updated april 2021)

The coronavirus outbreak in March 2020 required a completely new approach to delivering my Survival Skills advanced rider training. With on-road training curtailed due to the epidemic and lockdown, I transferred what I was doing online.

Even now, in April 2021 when the latest lockdown is easing and there are hopes that the vaccines will help bring the world back to something approaching normality, there’s no need to go back to the old ways of doing things.

And that means Survival Skills will continue online as well as re-introducing on-road training courses!

WEBCAST – ‘Elevenses’ Join me, Kevin Williams, every Wednesday and Sunday at 11am for topical news, controversial views and better biking tips on my ‘Elevenses’ LIVE show – pop along to my free-to-view Facebook page and set a reminder! And if you miss it, you can always watch it on catch-up on Facebook, YouTube or Ko-Fi. ———————– 60 SECOND SAFETY – YouTube channel I’ve had a YouTube channel for years but have always been too busy to fully exploit it. But with some time on my hands last year I started work on a totally new series of videos called ’60 Second Safety’. Each video takes just ONE aspect of riding, and covers it in just ONE MINUTE. As of April 2021, there are now over THIRTY of these quick-fire videos covering everything from cornering to city centre traffic. And look out for other videos covering other aspects of motorcycling. Make sure you pop over, take a look then bookmark it and come back to it at intervals to see what’s new: ———————– THE FACEBOOK ARCHIVE – now on Ko-Fi I’ve been writing about how to improve skills since the mid-90s. Some of the posts I’ve written are on here, but since 2014, most of my writing has been on the page. Whilst Facebook is great for new content, searching for an old post is hopeless. So over the last year, I’ve been re-writing old posts from the long-running ‘TIPS on TUESDAY’ and ‘SKILLS on SATURDAY’ series and moving them to the all-new Facebook Archive. Right now, there are over FOUR HUNDRED ‘Better Biking’ posts up and ready to read, originally published on the Survival Skills Facebook page and dating back to 2014. As of April 2021, over FOUR HUNDRED articles are already in place, and some are FREE TO READ. Become a supporter and get a MONTH OF ACCESS to ALL the articles and more, for the price of a coffee: ———————– VIDEO SURGERY – the doctor is IN I’m also offering 1:1 online video sessions from my virtual office. Got a riding issue or a question about biking skills? Drop me a line here and I’ll organise a live webinar with you. No charge, just an invitation to contribute a donation to support the work I do: ———————– TOO FAR AWAY FOR ON-ROAD TRAINING – TAKE THE e-COURSE Want to get your skills in tip-top shape ready for when we can all get back out on the road? Then take a look at the brand-new Survival Skills e-course that delivers the content of the Performance: BENDS one-day course in an online environment. There are various pages that you can view FREE, and as for the rest? Well, subscriber access is FROM AS LITTLE AS £3 PER MONTH! Plus you get access to the Facebook Archive. You can check out the content page here: Subscriber Content Index

For any questions on any of the Survival Skills online activities, drop me a line.

Looking forward to seeing you on-road… or online! Take your pick.

Survival Skills Rider Training for the best in advanced rider coaching (however it’s delivered!) 

Kevin Williams Survival Skills Rider Training …because it’s a jungle out there

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