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Survival SKILLS paperback now available!

At last, it’s available from the publishers

Survival SKILLS - the cover

Survival SKILLS – the latest book from Survival Skills Rider Training

Survival SKILLS, the brand-new book from Kevin Williams and Survival Skills Rider Training is now available to buy as a paperback. Order your copy in the next couple of days and guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.

Survival SKILLS is the third book in a trilogy looking at better biking skills in different ways. MIND over MOTORCYCLE shows how we overcome the limitations of a brain that has a design top-speed of 20 mph to ride motorcycles ten times as fast. Tarmac Tactics distills the practical learning experience Kevin has picked up from decades of riding in all environments to busy city centres to remote mountain tops.

Survival SKILLS offers a 21st century approach to motorcycle handling and decision-making. A motorcycle can do only two things – change speed or change direction. But how, where and when we achieve that has a major impact on just how safe we are on the roads.

Based on his practical riding courses, Survival SKILLS is a fresh new look at riding from rider coach Kevin Williams. Taking a uniquely pragmatic approach to building new skills, many of the lessons were learned the hard way by the author.

At the same time, the book delves into the latest research and is packed with fresh ways of looking at better riding technique. The innovative content explores the No Surprise? No Accident approach to rider safety and is carefully structured to improve your riding whether you are a novice or an expert rider. Junctions, corners and overtaking all get the Survival Skills approach.

The best bolt-on accessory for any bike is the rider. This book will help you become the best rider you can be.


Why Survival Skills?

…because it’s a jungle out there

Since 1997, Kevin Williams MSc and Survival Skills Rider Training have led the way in making high quality rider training courses and advanced motorcycling skills accessible to all riders. The goal of Survival Skills has always been to help motorcyclists at all levels – newly-qualified, intermediate, and advanced – to develop skills and ride with more confidence and enjoyment, not just by offering practical training courses but by offering books, online advice and even working on numerous rider safety projects – often for free!

“Ordinary training? No, extra-ordinary training” Barbara Alam
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