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Visordown sale latest

Comment: 29 April 2007

Visordown sale latest

I’ve just been asked to make it clear that when I stated in the previous story “Visordown sold off” that the news of the sale came as a “bolt from the blue”, Ben Cope had in fact given the moderating staff of the forum several days warning of the impending announcement.

Unfortunately, the information was posted in an admin-only area of the forum, and as I was away from home running training courses when the message went up and didn’t check that section, I missed it. Thus as stated, my first knowledge of the event was when I got home after travelling back from the training weekend, and checked my email at 11:30pm on the Monday night. By next morning, when I had more time to look to see what was happening, the sale had already been made public on the forum.

Ben’s always been very supportive of Survival Skills as a contributor to Visordown, and I believe the converse is also true. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings.

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