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Visordown sold off

Comment: 25 April 2007

Visordown sold to Magicalia

Yesterday morning, official news was released to the 30,000-plus forum users that has been sold to Magicalia, a multimedia publishing company that also recently acquired the bike magazine Two Wheels Only. The deal was reported in the Media Guardian – the full text of the Media Guardian article can be found here. The official Visordown statement from owner Ben Cope can be found here.

To say this came as a bolt out of the blue is a bit of an understatement as I found out only when a regular contributor contacted me to ask my future role on Visordown late last night. Up to that point I wasn’t even aware that Visordown had been sold as I hadn’t been directly informed. Hopefully, I’ll get to hear something more about plans for the forum in the very near future.

Precisely where the future of the Survival Skills section on Visordown lies isn’t fully clear, although to the best of my knowledge there’s no immediate change planned. Clearly the Survival Skills section on Visordown has made a huge contribution in terms of rider safety and skills over the last seven years with a number of highly experienced riders and instructors all contributing their time to help others, and it would be a real loss to the wider biking community if Survival Skills on VD ceased to be. My own contributions have run to something in excess of 13,000 posts and at least 1000 private messages over the last seven years so I’d be very disappointed to see that input to the forum lost.

More news as I get it.

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