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Want to read Survival Skills PDFs on your smartphone?

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re releasing a steady flow of new ‘better biking’ articles in PDF format, on our site.

They’re formatted as eBooks, specifically designed to be read on smaller format screens common to ereaders and smartphones. Here’s how PDFs can be viewed on some popular models.

If you’ve got an iPhone 4, you can use iTunes to sync PDF files from your computer to the phone. Open iTunes, select the file, then add the file to library. Connect your iPhone to the computer, select the PDF under the Books pane in iTunes, then sync.

If you’ve a Blackberry, most models allow PDF documents to be read using the phone’s built-in document reader.

If you have an older Palm OS Treo or Centro, you’ll need to install a reader. Adobe Reader for PalmOS re-flows text so that it better fits the small screen and is easier to read whilst preserving graphics. PalmPDF is another program but lets you read PDF files natively without converting them first. PalmPDF also supports links inside of PDF files as well as custom skins. For better view-ability, you can re-flow text using a text-only display mode. Documents To Go is a commercial suite of programs to view, edit, and create Microsoft Office files on your PDA and also has support for PDF files. PDFs can be hotsynched to your PDA, then opened and read with your chosen reader.

I’ll update with new devices as and when I can.

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