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Welcome to Survival Skills Rider Training

We're one of the UK's longest-established
advanced motorcycle rider training schools

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Personalised Intermediate & Advanced Rider Training Programmes

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  • Just beginning your journey as a newly qualified rider?

  • Experienced and looking to extend your skills?

  • Been away from biking for a while?

  • Wanting to fix a riding problem?  

  • Needing to regain confidence?


At Survival Skills Rider Training you'll find a wide range of riding courses  at all levels from novice to advanced, to suit all kinds of motorcyclists.


Wherever you start, here's where things get better!



  • Tune-Up - short two hour sessions 

  • Bronze - one-day courses

  • Silver - two-day courses

  • Gold - three-day courses

  • Platinum - the ultimate four-day course


No 'one-size fits all' courses with Survival Skills Rider Training. Tell us what you want, and we'll discuss your options.

The training you want, how you want!

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  • City centre traffic 

  • Urban commuting 

  • Motorways 

  • Rural routes 

  • Hairpin bends 

Whatever skills and techniques you want to improve, Survival Skills Rider Training will ensure that you end up on the right roads.

The training you need, where you need it!


  • London NW

  • London SE / Kent

  • Essex

  • Buckinghamshire

  • Surrey

  • Adventure Riding

Wherever you train with Survival Skills Rider Training, you'll discover some excellent roads you'll want to revisit. For something really different, our unique 'Adventure Training' courses mix top-notch rider coaching with a great riding experience.

The training you asked for, on roads you'll love!

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  • e-Learning Courses - coming soon

  • Online Coaching - short courses delivered online

Get top-notch help from Survival Skills Rider Training but in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you, anywhere in the world!

Taking training into the 21st century!


  • London NW

  • Buckinghamshire

Survival Skills Rider Training offers an inexpensive, no-frills but tough riding assessment. You'll cover a variety of different roads. Along the way, we'll stop to discuss your ride and to offer riding tips. We'll finish with an online debrief, and deliver insightful feedback by completng our unique circular assessment chart.

Benchmark your riding!

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OUR coaching | YOUR reviews

Jon Wilmer (MAG)

I had a great day on the 'Performance: BENDS' course. It was exactly what I was looking for. A bit of a "Health Check" and a review and improvement program. The theory parts were a really useful check on what I *thought* I knew and the practical exercises were well-paced and built steadily over the day. I was especially pleased to learn a couple of new skills, particularly around planning for bends. Who said, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"? I would happily recommend your course to anyone. After all, it's a jungle out there and you can never have too many Survival Skills!

Barbara Alam

"Ordinary Training?

No. Extra-ordinary training!"

Ian Pattie (IAM)

"I took a 'Performance: BENDS' course with Kevin to try to give my confidence a bit of a boost as I had been doing a lot of commuting... he listened carefully to my riding history... Kevin has a wealth of knowledge, information and techniques he is only to willing to share and I found a few of his little gems extremely useful. All in all a great trying day with a thoroughly nice bloke.

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Survival Skills Rider Training offers scheduled advanced motorcycle training courses at a number of different locations in and around London, and from Oxford. 

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About Survival Skills

Founded in 1997, Survival Skills Rider Training was one of the first independent advanced rider training schools in the UK. Since running our first post-test courses, we've helped thousands of bikers to improve their riding and achieve their biking dreams.

Survival Skills has always been at the forefront of advanced training, adopting new thinking and new technology to enhance your learning from our training.

Committed to providing excellent standards of education and training, you can be sure that you can take your riding to the next level with an advanced motorcycle rider training course from Survival Skills.

Why take an advanced course with Survival Skills? Simple. We’re sure you’ll be blown away by the improvement to your riding skills after taking a course with Survival Skills.

Even if you've taken training elsewhere, Survival Skills will show you new ideas, new ways of thinking about your motorcycling, and new ways of tackling old problems.

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  • Do you offer training for the DVSA motorcycle test? QUICK ANSWER - NO!
    Sorry, I can't run courses for learner riders who want to pass the motorcycle test. I am an advanced rider coach only so you need to have a FULL motorcycle licence.
  • Do you offer Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)? QUICK ANSWER - NO!
    Sorry, I can't run CBT courses. I am an advanced rider coach only so you need to have a FULL motorcycle licence.
  • Where do you offer ON-ROAD coaching? QUICK ANSWER - SE ENGLAND! (mostly)
    I'm based in NW London and have start points at various locations around London that take us straight onto nice roads for your training session. I may also be able to run a course more local to you if it's around two hours / 100 miles riding from NW London. And a few times a year I offer training in locations such as Shropshire / Welsh Borders - contact me for more information.
  • Do you offer ONLINE COACHING session? QUICK ANSWER - YES!
    I'm a qualified e-tutor with an NVQ in distance learning and thus perfectly able to discuss any riding issue you might have via a personalised session online at time that's convenient to you. Learn better biking skills from the comfort of your own home. REMEMBER - if you think you can learn from a YouTube video, you can certainly learn from a focused one-to-one online session with an experienced rider coach!
  • What makes Survival Skills different from  any other training? QUICK ANSWER - WE TEACH HOW TO AVOID ERRORS!
    I spent sixteen years earning a living as a courier, riding well over half a million miles all weather, all year. What it taught me was that it doesn't matter how good our training is if we can't stay out of trouble. No matter how good our theoretical knowledge and technical ability, we have to understand how, when, where and why things go wrong, then what to do about it - to stay out of trouble whenever we can, and to get out of trouble when we can't avoid it. That's the Survival Skills method.
  • Are you a qualified instructor? QUICK ANSWER - YES!
    As your rider coach, Kevin Williams, I've worked to gain an independently-assessed BTEC in post-test rider training. I'm also a qualified e-tutor with an NVQ in distance learning techniques. But more importantly, I'm always looking to improve my training with the latest ideas to keep them up-to-date. All my courses are carefully-structured, employ proven teaching techniques and aim to set you understandable and achievable goals at all times to maximise your ability to learn from me.
  • What is your cancellation policy? QUICK ANSWER - FLEXIBLE!
    Full details are in the booking package you'll receive by email, but in short under Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have a statutory 14 DAY cooling-off period beginning the day after the course was confirmed by email in which to claim a full refund.  ​Should you be forced to cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances, Survival Skills will also voluntarily offer a full refund if you cancel the course 10 DAYS before the first day.  ​For later cancellations the minimum deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but so long as you give 48 HOURS NOTICE of a cancellation, I'll reschedule the course for another convenient date with no charge.  If you cancel the course with LESS THAN 48 HOURS NOTICE, the deposit is non-refundable, a new booking must be made, and the full course cost will apply. 
  • What happens if the weather is bad? QUICK ANSWER - WE RESCHEDULE!
    I don't believe we gain anything by splashing around in rain or riding in poor conditions. In my experience, training in poor weather simply makes the course less enjoyable and you won't learn. So ALL training is weather-dependent. If there are SAFETY ISSUES (for example, when the Met Office issue a weather warning) it's likely I will postpone the session. If the weather LOOKS POOR, we'll discuss whether to go ahead, change the start time or postpone the session. If the weather DETERIORATES mid-session, I will recommend abandoning the session and rescheduling to a mutually convenient date. There will be NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for any weather-affected session.
  • How relevant are your courses to real-life riding? QUICK ANSWER - VERY!
    Survival Skills advanced motorcycle training courses are, by deliberate intent, highly relevant to real-life riding. You won't learn skills you are unlikely to need.
  • How do I know your course will suit me? QUICK ANSWER - BECAUSE ALL COURSES ARE CLIENT-CENTRED!
    Every rider who comes to me is different, rides a different bike in a different way in a different riding environment. And since our trainees aren't the same, nor is our rider coaching. So we offer all trainees a fully-personalised CLIENT-CENTRED training experience, not a course based on what we think you should be taught. Because of this Survival Skills does NOT deliver one-size-fits-all training, there's no 'style' needed, and there's no need to pass a standardised test. Instead, each and every course is designed around YOUR existing skills, addresses YOUR particular needs and wants, and tackles YOUR personal weaknesses. Rather than force you to adapt your style to mine, I'll help you develop as an individual.
  • How do I know which course to book? QUICK ANSWER - TELL US! WHAT YOU WANT
    For example, if all you are looking for is a quick riding check-up to see if you're doing the right things, or you want a benchmark to see if you could benefit from further training, or how the advanced training you have already taken has helped, then Survival Skills Rider Training offers an inexpensive, no-frills but tough riding assessment. After a ride over a carefully-selected route to see how you cope, you'll get an online debrief and your performance marked against our unique circular assessment chart. If there's a very specific area that needs addressing such as slow control or emergency evasion skills, riding at night, or perhaps dealing with hairpin bends, then one of our inexpensive two-hour sessions may well be the answer. If you're newly-qualified and getting to grips with riding, coming back to biking after a layoff, struggling to cope with a new machine or just feel you need an all-round helping hand with confidence issues or when you're not quite sure where the problem lies, then we'd suggest taking a look at our Confidence: BUILDER courses. These are specifically designed to start with an informal assessment of your riding, with the rest of the session(s) carefully structured around your issues. Whichever you choose, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. And if you have a specific goal in mind - perhaps to ride corners better, maybe to learn the ropes to stay safe when commuting - then tell us and we'll point you in the direction of the appropriate structured course.
  • I'm outside the UK - can you still help? QUICK ANSWER - YES!
    For sure. Not only are there hundreds of better biking articles on my site and insightful videos on my YouTube channel, I also offer inexpensive ONLINE COACHING sessions. Pick from a selection of standard topics, or contact me to organise something especially for you. You'll be surprised just how much you can learn from an experienced rider coach in a one-to-one online session, all at a time that suits you. 
  • How do I know how long a course I need? QUICK ANSWER - WE'LL HELP YOU DECIDE!
    The length of a course really depends on the content, your current level of riding, and what you want to get out of the course. For example, to cover a single topic such as slow control or counter-steering, a two hour 'Tune Up' session is usually long enough to give you the basics. For a Confidence: BUILDER course where you you want more time to practise, or to make a deeper dive into the complexities of urban riding or getting cornering basics in place, we'd recommend a BRONZE one-day course. If you want a balanced IAM / RoSPA-equivalent course which cover both cornering basics and the fundamentals of urban riding then the content requires a SILVER two-day course. You'll also need a SILVER two-day course to build a full suite of cornering skills including techniques such as braking into corners (trail braking) and how moving around on the bike affects the machine's handling. The same applies if you want to add filtering and fast motorway style riding to your urban road training. Our GOLD three-day course allows you to take extra time and experience more challenging riding on any of our two-day courses, and for the ultimate experience, there's our PLATINUM four-day course.
  • How long have you been an advanced rider coach?
    Survival Skills Rider Training is one of the longest-established post-test training schools in the UK. I've been offering advanced and development training since 1997 - that means Survival Skills dates from well before the DVSA's Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) was even thought of and consulted on, and from before the IAM switched from 'observing' to training.
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