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DSA welcomes only person so far to join advanced instructors’ register

Hot off the DSA press:

“The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) congratulates local motorbike enthusiast and owner of Beacon Rider Training, Paul Woods, as he becomes the first person in the country to join its new Register for biker trainers.

“The DSA’s new Register of Post-Test Motorcycle Trainers (RPMT) was launched on 5 February and is part of a government initiative aimed at reducing the number of motorcycle accidents on our roads by setting national standards for motorcycle instructors.”

Date of the press release? Yesterday – 30 April.

I also noticed the register now goes live next summer “when populated”. I don’t recall that being in the information I’ve read to date! Not much of an incentive to spend money is it? And given the concern in the press release about the casualty rates:

“‘One in five road deaths involve a motorcyclist – they are the most vulnerable road users. In Nottinghamshire alone, in 2005, 118 bikers were involved in an accident, 8 were fatal.”

it’s not exactly rushing to get the advantages of a registered trainer (whatever they might be) to the people who need it most!

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