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Find out about how you can learn better biking in the evening with Survival Skills

EVENING COURSES – during the longer evenings of late spring, summer and early autumn (roughly mid-May to mid-September) I’m able to offer evening training for both training courses and riding assessments. Start times vary of course, but for a couple of weeks in mid-June it’s possible to start a training session as late as 7:30 and still finish in twilight, since the sun doesn’t set till well after 9pm. The only problem is that the later it gets, the lower the sun sinks towards the horizon and that can be blinding on a clear evening – so I do some careful route planning to ensure that if we have to run west, we do it early in the session whenever possible, and if it can be arranged, we ride with the sun at our backs for the second half of the course. I’ve offered evening training almost as long as I’ve been delivering advanced training, and since the roads are usually much quieter than during the day, I’ve always wondered why so few riders book an evening coaching session. It means you can do a day’s work and STILL get a ride in at the end of the day!

Wherever, whenever and however we train, you get a carefully thought-out and fully client-centred training that’s personalised to suit YOU With Survival Skills, there’s no teaching straight from Roadcraft or any other standardised syllabus and there’s no standard test where you have to ride like everyone else just to pass. YOUR GOAL IS SIMPLY TO BE THE BEST RIDER YOU CAN BE! THE SURVIVAL SKILLS GOAL IS TO HELP YOU BE THAT RIDER! So what are you waiting for? BOOK A SURVIVAL SKILLS COURSE TODAY!

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