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discover the UNIQUE Survival Skills promise that avoids having your training spoiled by weather!

WET WEATHER GUARANTEE – as I update this page in early autumn, Summer 2021 wasn’t been the greatest year for dry, sunny days! And of course spring and autumn are always hit and miss with our English weather, so let me introduce you to the Survival Skills WET WEATHER GUARANTEE. No, no voodoo incantations, just a simple guarantee that I will offer to postpone a course FREE OF COST if I think it’s likely the weather might disrupt it. Why bother? Isn’t it “character-building” to ride in bad weather? The answer to that is “no”. You’re on a training course because you want to learn about riding and enhance your skills. If we both slithering around, struggling to see where we’re going and dodging puddles in case they are potholes as deep as tank traps, it impacts the outcome because you haven’t got much spare attention for trying out the exercises… …unless of course, you’ve booked up a course specifically to look at how to deal with poor riding conditions! (And I do offer a ‘bad weather riding’ option). How does it work? Simple. I keep an eye on the forecast. I watch out for heavy or prolonged rain, gales, fog, ice and snow. It’s usually obvious around 72 hours ahead of the session that we’re liable to have a problem, so I’ll warn you. I usually make the final decision 24 hours ahead of the course. That may be to go ahead, sometimes we can change the start time to let fog or ice clear, or avoid a band of rain, and occasionally I decide to reschedule to another, better, day… …all at no cost to yourself. WHAT OTHER TRAINING SCHOOL OFFERS YOU THAT?

Wherever, whenever and however we train, you get a carefully thought-out and fully client-centred training that’s personalised to suit YOU With Survival Skills, there’s no teaching straight from Roadcraft or any other standardised syllabus and there’s no standard test where you have to ride like everyone else just to pass. YOUR GOAL IS SIMPLY TO BE THE BEST RIDER YOU CAN BE! THE SURVIVAL SKILLS GOAL IS TO HELP YOU BE THAT RIDER! So what are you waiting for? BOOK A SURVIVAL SKILLS COURSE TODAY!

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