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Trainee feedback – the ‘Survival Skills’ difference

Jason Knight after a two day ‘Bends’ and ‘Double Bends’ course said about the Survival Skills approach:

“The observation stuff you do really made me think. I thought [insert name of very well known police-run advanced training school here] covered it all…

…but that was like a 5 on the scale where what you do is a 10. I never realised you could get so much information from looking at things as you ride along.”

On day 2 we went out and worked on advanced machine control. He “really liked the body shifting in and out, peg weighting and ‘power up’ steering techniques” and was “amazed at how the different approaches changed the feel of the steering”.

To put that into perspective Jason was one of the best trainees to arrive at Survival Skills from any source, and after his course with *****, the basic bends positioning and machine control skills were spot on, and he could already put the bike pretty much on a sixpence.

Jason Knight, Double Bends 2 day course, June 2009.

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