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*** TRAINING *** Now taking short notice bookings

It's the time of the year when once again the daylight hours are getting shorter very rapidly and since the settled summer weather turns a lot more changeable too, the flexibility built into my Survival Skills advanced rider training courses makes it a lot easier to fit a course of on-road coaching in around poor riding conditions. After all, if you're paying money for training, you want the best conditions to learn in!

So I'll just remind you how Survival Skills can help.

1) SHORT NOTICE BOOKINGS - from mid-October, I stop taking bookings more than a few days ahead - for example, the weather this week looks very wet on Thursday, but Tuesday and Wednesday look fine, dry and mild - perfect for riding. Next weekend's forecast is still unclear, so I won't be taking any bookings that far ahead until I know what the weather's going to do.

2) FLEXIBLE ON-ROAD SESSIONS - with both the briefing for a course and the debrief now taking place online, it means I can focus the on-road practical session closely to deliver the coaching you want and need, but with some flexibility in start and finish times, to avoid poor conditions. For example, if a sunny day follows a cold and frosty night, we can start a little later not just to let the day warm up but more importantly to clear any ice from the roads.

3) INEXPENSIVE SHORT COURSES - as well as my structured one-, two- and three-day courses, I also offer short two-hour 'Basics' short courses and also a challenging 'Riding Assessment'. These are easy to fit in during the shorter days but still offer a genuine boost to your riding.

4) WET WEATHER GUARANTEE - no voodoo incantations, just a straightforward promise to postpone a course if the weather might disrupt it. It's not "character-building" slithering around on worn-out surfaces and dodging puddles wondering if they are potholes. Being able to turn all your attention to the training rather than staying upright gets best results. So I keep an eye on the forecast and should it seem likely there could be problems on the day you've booked, I'll advise you and keep you updated. If the weather's OK, we'll go ahead, but if I feel the course is likely to be disrupted, then I'll offer to postpone the session. If we're already out riding and the weather deteriorates unexpectedly, then the same applies - we'll knock it on the head. If there are any safety concerns - for example, torrential rain, ice or snow, fog or gale-force winds, then I WILL cancel the session. In all cases, we'll simply rebook when the weather looks better... ABSOLUTELY NO COST to yourself.

5) ONLINE COACHING- if you're too far away, you can always take a ONE HOUR ONLINE COACHING COURSE - simply complete the contact form to let me know what you want coaching in.

BOOKINGS - use the online form:


I've just completed the one-day bends course with Kevin. It has transformed how I think about cornering and I can see a massive difference in my riding already. After recently passing my test, I felt I needed some extra training to help move my riding on to the next level and this course definitely helped. Kevin takes the time to talk theory and then you put it into practice with lots of guidance over comms.

The [online] debrief afterwards is a genius idea as it gives you time to digest and reflect when not focused on riding. You also get to see yourself ride as he videos you out on the road.

I've got lots to practice now and I feel more confident because someone with so much experience has shown me the things to do, look out for etc. Thanks Kevin.


MORE INFORMATION - rider training is my fulltime job and not just a hobby. Survival Skills has offered seven day-a-week and evening post-test training since 1997 - I have more than twenty-five years of experience coaching everyone from novice to expert, and hold a BTEC in post-test training plus an NVQ in distance learning techniques.

Check out the Survival Skills website to find out what's on offer. You get carefully thought-out and fully client-centred training that's personalised to suit YOU - there's no standardised syllabus and no training just to pass a test. Our goal is simply to help you become the best rider you can be.


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