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From Adrian Goldfarb, USA

“I came across your site during my usual hunt around the internet for new motorcycle training videos and blogs. I have to commend you on an excellent site, especially the riding tips. By way of background, I am originally from the UK but have been living in the US for the past 30 years although some of that time was back in Britain. I hold both UK motorcycle and US (Florida) motorcycle licenses. I ride almost every day to work (a rarity here even with the all year riding weather) 150 miles round trip and do about 25,000 miles per year on my 07 Goldwing. I spend some time as a trainee instructor for the Florida Basic Rider Course but did not continue on because I just completely disagree with the training here to get a license. In short, the route to a bike license here is ride around a car park at 12 MPH for two days then go out and buy a CBR1000. No on-road training or evaluation because of the liability that the trainee might sue the instructor! “

“It appears that we share a riding philosophy which is based on common sense, good technique and leaving enough room in the “envelope” for those times when we might not be as sharp as normal. Regular riding here has different challenges than in the UK despite the mostly good (if hot weather). Start with disastrous levels of general driver competence, a greater proportion of older folks who just don’t see that well, lack of signals, and no lane discipline; then mix in occasional torrential downpours and thunderstorms and some days I just end up shaking my head in amazement. The only saving grace is that the roads are wide, mostly in very good condition and (of course) flat and straight!

“My wife and I will coming to the UK next summer and will be renting a couple bikes for a trip and tour to Scotland. We would like to spend a day in training during the early part of our trip and I will schedule it via the site when I am more sure of the dates.”

Thanks for the mail, and the nice words. The site has grown rather, over the years it’s been up.

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